7 questions you need answered... 7 questions you need answered hba

7 Questions you need answered…

Here at HBA we have compiled a list of 7 common questions from Learners to help you understand how we operate and to provide you with the right tools to choose the right provider for you. Continue reading below…

You have ‘clustered’ workbooks – what does that mean and why is it better?

Traditionally units of competency are delivered and assessed individually. However, many units have certain elements that are similar or identical, instead of delivering or assessing these on separate occasions, we can ‘merge’ the units to avoid unnecessary repetition. This ensures efficiency, faster delivery and assessor feedback as we are assessing holistically yet covering all the requirements of the units of the course. This takes extensive planning by the designer however it greatly benefits the learner.

Why are your courses run over 5 days? Why is it so short?

We have designed our courses in such a way that focuses on the more technical components during the 5 face-to-face days (which is where you will likely need more real-time support and feedback). You will commence work on assessment activities in class however it is important to note there is pre-course and post-course work to complete, with up to 3 hours of homework each night. Couple this with our ‘clustered’ workbooks and you have a very efficient and fast paced delivery method to suit driven and committed learners.

Do you have online reviews?

Of course! We are proud to say that we have an average 94% customer satisfaction rate across all our review platforms. At HBA we strongly encourage learners to provide feedback – it is how we grow and develop to continually exceed our learners’ expectations. To check out our reviews, you can visit them here; Google, Facebook, WOMO.

Why are your courses priced much less than others? Does that affect the quality?

We are able to keep our prices down as we utilise a cost-based pricing approach, which is raw cost plus a modest margin.  Most of our business emanates from referrals and word of mouth, keeping our marketing expense at a minimum. If anything, we need to provide the highest quality training to ensure the referrals continue to flow.

You don’t offer VET FEE Help – why?

We don’t offer VET FEE Help as the start-up cost is exorbitant which will raise the overall cost of the courses. Our aim is to offer our courses at affordable prices which do not leave people with significant ongoing debt. If you are considering VET FEE Help, you may want to consider that is not ‘free’; in fact, it incurs a 20% surcharge on top of what whatever the cost of the course is. So next time your comparing courses, check the total course cost, check the VET FEE Help terms and conditions and seek financial advice if you don’t feel comfortable.

I heard some courses are tax deductible, are yours?

As long as the course has sufficient connection to your current employment, it may be tax deductable. However we cannot give you any financial advice, for more information please call the ATO on 132 861 or visit: https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Income-and-deductions/Deductions-you-can-claim/Self-education-expenses/

Are your trainers based in Australia?

Absolutely! We employ full-time Australian based trainers/assessors. We do NOT outsource to overseas regions as it can affect your learning experience. With HBA you will receive real-time support and feedback.



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