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Over the last few years, demand for TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training ​and Assessment has really risen steeply.

Additionally, we are hearing a similar story from many of our Learners and that is they are looking to change their careers in 2021; they want to teach the vocation they have been practising for years.

Many people tell us 2 things:

  • “I am not the sort of person that can do a course by my-self at home; I need a classroom and the discipline of being with a Trainer.”
  • “I can’t get 5 consecutive days off from work during the year.”

These are common problems, however, problems which are easily solved with HBA!

We are offering a special 3-day Self-paced PLUS delivery of the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus 1 day for the TAELLN411 over the Christmas Holiday Period.

Dates | 21st, 22nd and 23rd + 29th of December (LLN day)

Price | $1450

Location | North Sydney or Virtual Classroom

This will be facilitated as a Self-Paced PLUS delivery without the presentation day. While the ​TAELLN411 ​Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills unit can also be attended either the following week, on the 29th of December or at another time. Note that you are free to attend presentation and LLN days on any Self-Paced PLUS course.

As Christmas approaches it is a great time to do a course because the work you need to do after the face to face facilitation can be done in the relative quiet of the holiday period. Our Trainers show you how to detail the necessary tools, instruments and resources.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is for many, the key to a new life, as it provides an opportunity to down the tools of their trade and help in passing the knowledge onto a new generation of practitioners.

We look forward to signing a qualification with your name on it.

Please be aware that you will NOT complete the full qualification in class. This qualification will require you to complete assessments tasks post course.