Are hba's virtual classrooms live? Are hbas virtual classrooms live

Are HBA’s Virtual Classrooms Live?

Since we launched our Virtual Classroom delivery we have only had 1 person say they didn’t want to do it, in fact it has received accolades from hundreds of learners for its simplicity and ease of use, so much so we have had several of our competitors sit in on some of our free sessions to see how it works, we don’t mind because if you lead then you leave footsteps in the sand and others will follow.

One of the questions we are being asked often is “how up to date are your videos?” Well, we do NOT use videos, we use the same live Trainers you would have if you were sitting in a physical class room.

  • You can ask them questions
  • You can make comments
  • You can interact with other Learners
  • You can have them check your work
  • You can have them take control of your computer to assist with technical issues
  • You can have them record your various practical activities.

It is facilitated by our PAYE Trainers/Assessors with exactly the same learning pathway and learning outcomes as we have always had.

You can experience the process for free by joining one of our Virtual Classroom Tutorial Sessions. CLICK HERE to find out more about the FREE tutorial sessions.

By the way, you don’t even have to get dressed up or catch a train to attend.

Why would you want to go anywhere else?