Bsb50920 diploma of quality auditing - blended delivery qa blended

BSB50920 Diploma of Quality Auditing – Blended Delivery

Recently, we conducted a Pilot blended course for the BSB50920 Diploma of Quality Auditing with external learners and at our end we provided 2 of our experienced Quality Auditing Trainers to assist everyone through the learning pathway. The pilot was a great investment from our end as it identified some enhancements in our delivery schedule and our resources. We are pleased to say these modifications have been completed and our course is now open for anyone who wishes to become a qualified Auditor.

We are offering the course as a 5 day blended delivery which means it is a very busy week for those that attend. During the week you will receive underpinning knowledge plus you will complete one of the mandatory audits. When you have completed the 5 days you then switch into Self Paced mode and operating from your own work or home you steadfastly progress through the learning program utilising the various support tools we have available.

We are very strict in allowing someone to enrol in this course by self paced learning, frankly if someone does not have past exposure to Audit then we would rather not take their money because it is a huge task to complete the assessment requirements and we do want Learners to complete rather than cursing us for enrolling them in a course that is beyond their understanding.

Our next course will commence on 29/8/22 and it will be limited to 6 people so if you want to hold the most in demand Australian Quality Auditing qualification then ENROL HERE!