Business is the winner with quality auditors on-site business is the winner with quality auditors on site

Business is the winner with Quality Auditors on-site

Businesses Australia-wide have mounting pressure to ensure that the functional areas of their business are conformant with their internal policies and procedures, whilst also being compliant, meeting all their legislative responsibilities.

As one of the principle trainers of the BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing for HBA Learning Centres nationally, I am constantly asked about our course content and how it is structured. HBA provides specialist in-house training for many national businesses across our scope of qualifications but interest in our BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing has seen a definite spike in enquiry. In their desire for compliance, businesses are becoming aware of the cost of assigning external contract auditors to conduct audits for safety, process or quality without first conducting their own internal audit (due diligence) to improve their business and the contracted audit outcome. Business can see the relevance and subsequent cost savings of having their own qualified in-house auditor.

Additional benefits of an internal auditor include the possession of current knowledge of the workplace policies, procedures and processes. Once trained, the auditor will be able to conduct internal audits to properly prepare for an external auditor to sign off their compliance against a number of Australian; New Zealand or International (ISO) Standards.

There are many options for companies to consider when enrolling their employees into VET Training. At HBA we know the work that goes into completing the BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing and believe it is a beneficial outcome for the company and the learner to achieve a qualification to show currency and validity as the result of that training.

This proves to be a valuable investment in the company’s future, striving for continuous improvement whilst meeting their duty of care by providing regular quality auditing on-site.  Demonstrating leadership and management commitment of the company by investing in its human capital; this leads to an improvement in workplace culture, with the outcome being an increase in the retention of quality employees and a safer environment.

Definitely a WIN WIN situation.

Carmen Yates