Consultation vs moderation vs validation consultation vs moderation vs validation

Consultation Vs Moderation Vs Validation

Three of the many elements of Training & Assessment are Consultation, Moderation and Validation, these are often confused with each other. We thought it might be interesting to give you a bit of a simplistic overview of each. In this article we will deal with Consultation.

An RTO is required to ensure it conducts each of the above activities to ensure it has quality Training and Assessment for its Learners. Whilst each element is interlinked they are different and this is how we at HBA deal with Consultation.

We conduct 2 streams of consultation. The first is internal where we have several of our TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment qualified people sit down together and discuss a particular component of a qualification. It can be as simple as considering the elements of a new assessment instrument to ensure it captures the required evidence or as complicated as reviewing a Training & Assessment Strategy (TAS) (these are not static documents and are updated regularly). The discussion confirms or denies the validity of the instrument and any enhancements required are given to our Compliance team. This discussion is documented and recorded in our continuous improvement register.

The second stream is external and in this activity we make arrangements to meet with industry representatives for a discussion about the suitability of matters from (say) mode of delivery to (say) learning outcomes. The external parties can be other RTO’s or bodies, such as major employer organisations, that have a stake in the services provided by HBA. Often these meetings are hard to establish because they can take a couple of hours and time is important to everyone. Often we provide a free seat to a course to say thank you for the time given. These discussions are also documented and entered into various continuous improvement registers we have.

Consultation is an extremely important part of an RTO’s activity as it confirms the training and assessment practices being delivered, are relevant to the needs of industry and are informed by industry Consultation. This is also a requirement placed on an RTO by the regulators ASQA.


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