Consultation vs moderation vs validation part lll consultation vs moderation vs validation

Consultation Vs Moderation Vs Validation Part lll

In previous Blogs HBA Learning Centres has explained Consultation and Moderation. In this one we will explain Validation and how we deal with it at HBA.

We all know if we are buying property there are 3 rules we should follow and these are Location, Location, Location. In the Design learning field there are also 3 rules and whilst you will have to attend a free Training and Assessment overview day to find out what the other 2 are, the one I would like to bring to your attention is Validate, Validate, Validate.

What then is validation and where in VET does it apply?

Firstly, we define validation as a quality review process that can apply to all of the activities of an RTO.

The validation we conduct at HBA involves using our own Trainers, subject matter experts and independent RTO’s. When we design a course we have it validated by our own trainers, subject matter experts and independent RTO’s to ensure it complies with all the requirements of the Training Package, utilising mapping documents of the qualification or unit to assist them in this difficult task.

Upon completion of the initial validation, HBA Trainers conduct a pilot course to trial all aspects of the course. These pilot courses enable our Trainers to assess the “user friendliness” of the tools and instruments and receive feedback from you, our Learners.

HBA Learning Centres again validates the course resources during scheduled periodic reviews which are outlined in HBA’s systematic validation schedule.

Training and Assessment Strategies, which are developed prior to the design and development of course resources, are validated by our own Trainers and ultimately, the final validation occurs when ASQA conducts an audit of our RTO.

So Validation occurs at all points in the activities of an RTO and its prime purpose is to ensure our quality provides you with a compliant course coupled to a positive learning pathway.