Designing assessment tools designing assessment tools

Designing Assessment Tools

One of the more difficult activities in TAE40116 is to be found in the unit of competency TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools. To meet the requirements of this unit it is necessary to produce 3 tools against whole Units of Competency that support different assessment methods. One tool will be for a Recognition of Prior Learning pathway and the other 2 are for Training and Assessment pathways. The basic things to remember when designing a Training and Assessment pathway tool are:

  • Every single element in any given Unit of Competency must be assessed whether it be listed as Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence, Knowledge Evidence, Foundation Skills, entry requirements etc. If you miss anything it is non-compliant.
  • When we are assessing Knowledge Evidence we must remember Knowledge can be defined as “Knowing what one knows about any given thing or subject”. We primarily assess Knowledge by using questions (verbal or written) and these are recorded on assessment instruments.
  • When we are assessing Performance Evidence we must remember this is another name for Skill which can be defined as “A rehearsed or practised ability”. We primarily assess Performance Evidence by practical activities which are then recorded on an observation checklist.
  • You can add questions to the assessment of Performance Evidence and activities to the Knowledge Evidence but they take the form of supplementary/secondary evidence. You cannot bypass the primary assessment methods.

This is a complex activity for everyone and the tools you create must be of a quality that could pass audit by the National VET Regulator.