Early childhood educators - staying healthy early childhood educators staying healthy

Early Childhood Educators – Staying Healthy

Promoting health & well-being in an Early Childhood and Care Service

HBA Learning Centres understands that promoting mental health and welfare in your service not only means caring for babies, young children, families, your colleagues, but also looking after yourself.

Mental health problems and difficult life events can affect anyone, including children, parents, educators, directors, or community members.

Working with children is a complex task with many important responsibilities. As much as it can be very rewarding; it can also be challenging.

You need to maintain your own well-being in order to work effectively with children and provide support for your colleagues.

Here are some tips to help maintain well-being:

  • Look after yourself physically, through a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep.
  • Foster and maintain your personal relationships, such as your connections with friends and family.
  • Develop interests and friendships outside of your work environment.
  • Make time for positive activities for yourself that will help you to relax and have fun.
  • Strive for balance between your professional role and your personal life; try to leave work issues at work.
  • Limit the use of alcohol and other substances; don’t rely on these for relaxation.
  • Learn how to monitor and manage your stress in positive ways, e.g. through exercise, relaxation, breathing, etc.
  • Find a mentor through your workplace or professional networks and use that person’s support to help you grow professionally and personally.
  • Provide support and encouragement for colleagues, give constructive feedback and be a role model.
  • If you have spiritual beliefs, make time for regular spiritual practice, or relationships with others who share your philosophy.
  • Reach out for support when you need it – from colleagues, friends, family, your GP, a psychologist, or an employee assistance program through your workplace

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing any health issues HBA Learning Centres strongly recommends you seek advice from a professional. This article is designed for educational purposes only and is not to be used as medical advice.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]