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Face to Face Courses

In view of the ever increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases reported every day, we are putting all face to face courses on hold until the daily number of infections substantially reduce. The decision has not been taken lightly and will only affect a few of our Learners as most folk enrol via the Virtual Classroom (on-line) delivery.

We would like to clarify our Virtual Classroom delivery and to highlight how it works we will use the case study of the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 15 day Blended course we commenced this week from our Sydney Learning Centre. There are 10 people on the course and 9 of those are sitting in their home being connected to our live Trainer via the internet. There is 1 Learner physically in the room with the Trainer and they are also connected to the online delivery. Everyone receives the exact same attention, all can see each other, the Trainer can take over a Learners computer if they have an issue, all can chat in the same fashion, all the normal practical and theory activities are being conducted in the same time frame, the pathway is the same for all and the learning outcomes will be equivalent.

Using the Virtual Classroom

  • You save hours of time travelling to our venue
  • You save money because you do not need to catch trains and buses
  • You are safe as you have zero exposure to Covid-19
  • You do not need to get “dressed up”
  • Our Trainers are safe as they can work from home

We welcome any questions you have about Virtual Classroom, just give HBA a call on 1300 721 503. We look forward to signing a qualification with your name on it!