Face to face and virtual classroom courses face to face and virtual classroom courses

Face to Face and Virtual Classroom Courses

Some weeks ago we stopped enrolling people in face to face courses as we wanted to ensure we provided the safest environment for our staff and Learners. It appears there is an ongoing downward trend in coronavirus infections and that is in part, a result of the social distancing legislation that has been put in place in all jurisdictions.

We note recent announcements suggest there will be a ‘loosening’ of the current legislation in May 2020 so we are pleased to announce that learners who prefer to have a trainer actually standing in front of them will, from early May, be able to do this.

Each of our offices (North Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth) will have a turn at hosting each and everyone of our courses, that way, when (say) Brisbane is running TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you can, if you wish, attend that particular classroom either, physically, if you are in Brisbane or through the Virtual Classroom from anywhere else in the country.

I do remind everyone that our Virtual Classroom has been tested by many of our major accounts and they are all extremely happy with the context of learning.

Our web site will reflect the locations of our courses that can be attended in person and we will be enforcing total adherence to all and any legislation that is on foot including social distancing. We have different sized training rooms around Australia so, in adhering to the social distancing requirement of 4 sq metres per person we can have;

• 15 in Sydney
• 5 in Brisbane
• 4 in Gold Coast
• 5 in Melbourne
• 10 in Perth

So if you are one of the people who just wants to have a Trainer in the same physical room as you then once again you can do it with HBA Learning Centres.

Take a look at the both the Virtual Classroom and Face-to-face options for each of our courses by clicking on them below;