Face to face learning returns to south australia face to face learning returns to south australia

FACE to FACE Learning Returns to South Australia

This morning the South Australian Government announced the reopening of its borders so we can, once again, offer our BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health in Safety course to the market.

Virtual Classrooms with live trainers have revolutionised the VET industry over the past 2 years and looking at overseas trends and the substantial Australian acceptance we know the medium is here to stay, but it is not for everyone, so if you prefer the presence of a live Trainer physically in the room with you then Face to Face is your preferred delivery method.

Our first scheduled course is 28th Feb – 4th Mar 2022 and if the past is any sort of a predictor for the future then you are well advised to enrol quickly because the 8 seats we offer will fill up fast.

Please note we will continue to offer our industry leading Virtual Classroom deliveries on multiple occasions every month.

If you would like to enrol, you be able to HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please call 1300 721 503.