Hba’s procedure on the coronavirus hbas procedure on the coronavirus

HBA’s procedure on the Coronavirus

As you would be aware the COVIC19 virus continues to spread throughout the world and whilst, at the time of writing, Australia only has recorded 456 cases it is a definite possibility that could increase dramatically at any point in time, it is for this reason we have revised our policy and procedure on the matter.

  • At the time of enrolment you will receive a telephone call from our customer service people and this is normal as we have to confirm certain enrolment details. We have added a question to our usual threshold questions along the lines of “Have you or someone close to you travelled from any overseas country in the last 28 days.” If you answer yes then we will not allow you to attend the face-to-face element of course for 28 days from the day you last  re-entered Australia. You are however able to commence the course via self-paced learning until you are able to attend face-to-face
  • Should any learner present with cold/flu like symptoms at one of our venues, we will ask you to excuse yourself and obtain a medical certificate showing you are free of the Virus. We cannot allow you to re-join the course without this medical certificate
  • We will provide, alcohol based hand cleanser and face tissues for the use of all learners, we ask you to use the cleanser at all appropriate times and place used tissues in the bins provided. Our bathrooms are equipped with an adequate supply of soap and water and we encourage our learners to was their hands often.
  • We discourage handshakes or touching of each other, should you involve yourself in this you must both use hand cleanser immediately afterwards
  • At the beginning of each course our trainer will lead a short presentation on the Virus, there will be posters and fact sheets at all venues for you to further inform yourself

We regret having to introduce these procedures but it is our duty to ensure all learners and staff remain virus free.