How can i do bsb41419 certificate iv in work health and safety? How can i do bsb41419 certificate iv in work health and safety

How can I do BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

When we designed our course we assumed a cohort with zero base knowledge thus we concluded it would be too arduous a journey to have someone undertake a Full delivery of the course. We know any course splits into 2 activities:

  • The things you have to prove you can do (this is called Performance Evidence)
  • The things you need to prove you know (this is called Knowledge Evidence)

When we define our cohort we identify 3 groups:

  1. Individuals that are going to be time poor as they are employed full time and often in mission critical positions where they cannot take time off work
  2. Those that must obtain the qualification at the earliest possible time due to either employer or legislative requirements
  3. People who want to change their career path

When we clustered these thoughts together we concluded there were 2 delivery models that would suit and these have proven to be very popular.

Self-Paced Delivery is for those who simply cannot or do not want to attend a classroom. This delivery works by us providing you with an informative Learner Guide plus research sites and assessment tasks in plain English. You can start the course anytime and you will be supported by dedicated WHS trainers and assessors who you can contact by phone, email or by attending a tutorial. In addition to this upon enrolment you will receive a personal identification name and code which gives you access to our dedicated discussion forum.

In the 5 day Blended (Intensive) delivery our task is to provide you with the underpinning knowledge necessary to be able to do the course. We also introduce you to the practical activities and you will actually do some of those. These include risk assessments, hazard identification, selection of controls from the hierarchy of controls, the writing of complex documents etc. When you leave our 5 day course you are well placed to complete both the balance of the practical activities and the Knowledge questions. This course can be attended Face to Face where it is legal to do so or by Virtual Classroom where you have the same live trainer, resources, pathway, interactions and outcomes.

You are given 12 months to complete the course.