How can i do bsb51319 diploma of work health and safety? How can i do the bsb51319

How can I do BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety?

When we considered the entry level requirements to this qualification that are dictated by the Federal Government (the 5 core units of the Certificate IV) we concluded there are 3 distinctly different cohort groups:

  1. Those that already held a high level of WHS knowledge and understanding as they had been exposed to Safety and all its requirements on the job for years but had never formalised their learning
  2. Those that had been doing the fundamental activities of WHS but aspired to hold a more senior Safety role.
  3. Those that aspired to be a Safety Manager but has zero experience.

After industry consultation we designed user friendly resources in plain English that take the individual from doing hands on things to managing, designing and implementing. There is a strong emphasis on Work Health and Safety Management Systems in the course.

Self-paced was for those that already held a high level of Work Health and Safety experience and or exposure, having worked with systems, lead investigations of incidents, managed consultation etc. We also know this cohort is often in a mission critical role thus they cannot take time off work. These people are supported by plain English resources, our industry leading Discussion forum, phone calls and emails to our qualified trainers and one on one tutorials if required.

Our 5 day Intensive delivery was designed for those who have not been exposed to the more senior management elements of Work Health and Safety, we know they have a modicum of knowledge and skill level as they must already hold the core units of BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety; they have the basics. The course will provide the underpinning knowledge necessary to know what each activity requires and you will actually be involved in several of the practical activities; you will know how to do the remaining activities. Post course you will have an array of knowledge questions to answer and at this level they cannot be multiple choice questions, many of them take considerable time to research and report on. This course can be attended Face to Face where it is legal to do so or by Virtual Classroom where you have the same live trainer, resources, pathway, interactions and outcomes.

You are given 18 months to complete the course.