“i need tae right now” i need a tae right now

“I need TAE right now”

Every single work day we hear this multiple times, it is usually followed by “I have a job offer but must have this” or “I will lose my job if I can’t present this” and so it goes on.

The only compliant way someone can have TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment “right now” is if they can RPL the entire 10 Units of Competency and very few people can do that.

The course is designed in such a way that the learning is firmly implanted in your mind, much like when we all went to school and slowly learned over 12 years of education things we can recall much later in life.

There are still many people that think the qualification is about standing and presenting to others and whilst there is a small amount of this, (you will need to conduct a minimum of 4 presentations) it is just a minor part of the course.

Let us look at how this all works:

  • The Commonwealth Government, through various entities, has produced the qualification. It has determined what a person should know and be able to do to hold the qualification. The RTO takes this information and produces its own learning pathway i.e. how it will facilitate the learning and assess for competence. The RTO cannot deviate from the rules which are contained within the training Package.
  • The Commonwealth Government, through its various Regulators, audits what the RTO wishes to do and determines whether the suggested pathway and the submitted resources, tools and instruments will lead to an outcome that can be deemed consistent with the planned learning outcomes of the Units of competency.
  • Once approved the RTO will market its product.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment consists of 10 Units of Competency and broadly speaking breaks down into 3 major learning fields

  1. DESIGN + LLN – this learning field is technical and you learn how to interpret Units of Competency in a way that allows you to design a course to meet the learning outcomes and cohort learner characteristics.
  2. DELIVERY – this learning field does include 3 presentations but it also includes the knowledge of how to produce a Work Based Learning Pathway; (think traineeship or Apprenticeship).
  3. ASSESSMENT – arguably the most important learning field and definitely the most difficult. In this learning field you learn how to produce assessment tools, plan for assessment, validate and map tools against unit requirements plus conduct assessment.

Whilst there are 3 different ways of completing the course with HBA Learning Centres:

  • Self-Paced
  • Self-Paced PLUS (includes 5 days with a trainer)
  • Blended (includes 15 days with a trainer)

There are three elements that will determine the method you choose:

  1. How quickly you want/need the qualification (Blended is quickest)
  2. Your availability to sit in a course
  3. Your budget (Self-Paced is only $1050)

If you are going to want/need to hold the qualification sometime in the future, enrol now and take the delivery model that suits you the best.

Remember, HBA is fully operational during the Covid19 lockdowns, simply call 1300721503 for a chat. Our classes continue by Virtual Classroom each and every week.