"is there is a new tae certificate iv in training and assessment? " adobestock 181154085

“Is there is a new TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?”

Three years ago it was rumoured there would be a new TAE CIV qualification coming sometime in 2022 and as the months and years have passed there has been a total review of TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment. The review has resulted in proposed changes to the qualification under the code of TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and Assessment.

The first thing we want to say is, don’t panic, whilst the draft documents have been sent out for public review these are not yet legislated. The draft documents state the current and the new qualifications are deemed equivalent so unlike the upgrade from TAE40110 Certificate IV in training and assessment where it was mandatory to complete 2 Units of Competency to be able to continue as a Trainer and or Assessor, if the draft remains on foot then you will NOT have to do any upgrading unless you want to.

The second bit of wisdom we want to give you is this, if the 2 qualifications are deemed equivalent and you are thinking about acquiring the qualification then do it under the banner of TAE40116 because it will be infinitely easier than the replacement qualification.

The draft for the new qualification has 12 units of competency and the choice of electives will determine the learning pathway. The choices are:

  • A Training and Assessment pathway
  • A Learner Support pathway
  • A Quality and Compliance pathway
  • A General pathway

We have chosen electives that follow the Training and Assessment pathway and we have already begun the long process of designing the necessary tools, instruments and resources to enable us to run the course.

We will be announcing a Professional Development presentation shortly where we will provide an overview of the possible changes.

In concluding, please remember this is “not yet locked in”; it is still in the design and consultation phase.