Learner characteristics learner characteristics

Learner Characteristics

If we consider the learning field of Design we note several things.

We are required to identify our target learner for anything which we design. This is a fundamental requirement as the success of a course is largely based upon its design being appropriate for the targeted cohort. For your course to be successful you will need to identify the learner characteristics of your targeted cohort. Eg if we are designing a course for  certificate I in assembling bicycles we must make assumptions. Our assumptions would include (but would not be limited to):

  • Likely age group
  • Likely educational levels
  • Learning styles
  • LLN issues
  • Communication styles

I have had Learners tell me it is not right to make such assumptions as it is discriminatory but it is not, it simply ensures that what you design provides the best learning pathway for the majority of your learners. In Design you have a complex task:

  • Ensure the design is compliant to the Training Package rules
  • Ensure the RTO is complying with the Standards for RTO’s
  • Ensure learning is occurring at the required rate
  • And a zillion other elements

Design is not for an untried or untrained person, it is an activity that is guaranteed to be audited by the regulator in your jurisdiction.

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