Men as early childhood educators men as early childhood educators

Men as Early Childhood Educators

HBA Learning Centres supports gender equality

Educators become educators because of their love for children and their passion for the profession. That’s all that matters – not their gender.

Many people in and out of the early childhood field deeply believe that women are naturally predisposed to caring for young children, and men are not (Neugebauer, 1999; Sanders, 2002; Nelson & Sheppard, n.d.; Cunningham & Dorsey, 2004). This belief is because in most cultures, including our own, women have been charged with the responsibility of raising children, both in the home and in collective approaches (Wardle, 2004). Therefore the field of early childhood is an overwhelmingly female one (Sanders, 2002). HBA Learning Centres recognises that both males and females have a place in children’s lives as well as in Educational professions.

It is essential for children to have both men and women working together in their care and education. Men have something to offer that is different to what females have to offer. Both men and women together can make fundamental contributions to the care and education of young children. Even though fathers will generally spend less time at home than mothers in the early years of a child’s life, they can significantly influence their child’s mental and physical development.

According to the latest statistics from the Productivity Commission, the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector collectively employs around 140,000 people, of which only 3 per cent are male. By Liam McNicholas (first published in Rattler 103, Spring 2012).  However, the inclusion of men in early childhood programs has garnered considerable attention over the years. This interest is due to the lack of men—usually fathers—in the lives of many of our young children and an increased interest in father involvement in early childhood programs.

The fact is stressing that children need both male and female role models at the earliest ages while they are developing their personalities.

If you are passionate about educating young children and making a difference in their lives regardless of your gender. Why not start your journey as an Early Childhood Educator today!

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Early Childhood Education is more complex than most people think

This is why HBA Learning Centres now have free workshops available for Learners who are studying CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care or CHC50113 Diploma in Early Childhood and Care. See example of a real life case study here .