Product vs process product vs process

Product vs Process

What does this mean to you?


  • Product centred experiences focused on a preconceived outcome that children may find frustrating to achieve.


  • Process art allows each child to explore their own dynamic of creating, understanding that no two pieces of art work will look the same as each child’s personality will come through his/her work.

Play is a vital part of children’s learning, between the ages of birth to 5 years children are filled with imagination, creativity and exploration. More times than often we tend to forget the importance of allowing children to express themselves through art, dramatic play or exploring the outdoor environment. As Early Childhood educators and parents we need to provide time and space for children to find themselves as they being to explore their senses and master their developmental skills. It’s important that we create a physical environment that encourages exploration and freedom of creative expression. Providing children with open-ended materials and loose parts gives room for children to explore their imagination in many ways, if the environment around them is flexible it encourages a level of creativity and imagination as they express there wonders.

The Third Teacher

Who is the third teach? The physical environment of education is often referred to as the ‘third teacher’. From the ages of (Birth to 5 years) children develop a sense of curiosity, whether its watching ants crawl in the outdoor area, playing in the dirt, or tasting just about everything! The environment should promote each child’s sense of agency as an active contributor to their own experience where children feel a sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

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Sandra Lazar
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