Safety begins with you! Safet begins with you

Safety begins with you!

In my travels I visit many large companies on sites that are both heavily populated and dangerous and I am constantly amazed at how quickly employees become oblivious to that which is around them. I guess it must be like buying a house on the beach, at first it is something you stare at, noting its beauty and serenity but after a while it becomes the norm, so you stop looking at it.

Whilst at a multi-billion dollar company’s site a while ago I witnessed people walking across the general manufacturing area rather than the designated walkways, there were forklifts whizzing up and down but no one seemed to care although everyone certainly stepped out of the way as the forklift came close to them. I wonder if they know how many incidents there are with Forklifts in our country every year.

So if you are in a work place that has designated walk ways and you are walking out side of the painted lines, should your employment be terminated, should you be counselled or should you be trained? It is an interesting question and I guess the answer differs in different workplaces. However, whatever the answer is, what we do know is your safety often begins with the decisions you make.

Stay safe out there.