“safety… it’s a state of mind” – interview with whs trainer neil fowler safet its a state of mind

“Safety… it’s a state of mind” – Interview with WHS trainer Neil Fowler

HBA sat down with Work Health and Safety Trainer and Consultant Neil Fowler to further understand the inner workings of training Work Health and Safety learners.

HBA:      “Tell us about the WHS courses HBA offers.”

Neil:      “Here at HBA we offer BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety and the BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.”

Neil:      “The BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is more of a WHS practitioner’s course. We also get learners looking to gain this qualification to explore opportunities in WHS roles. The Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses help the participants in further developing their WHS understanding.”

HBA:       “What kind of general knowledge do the learners have when they first begin their course?”

Neil:       “The learners generally have a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience within their respective industries. Most of them will have practical experience in Work Health and Safety and may have exposure to supervisory roles and responsibilities.”

HBA:      “By the end of the course what’s the main point that you want the learners to take away?”

Neil:       “There are a few key take away points, meeting learners’ expectations is always the most important one. We explain the links between the practical activities conducted throughout the training and how they relate back to legal obligations. Understanding how WHS laws are applied in different jurisdictions and how they affect different industries is another important point. Lastly, I show them the relationship between the laws, regulations and various components of WHS Management Systems.”

HBA:      “What types of roles do the people who are doing the courses hold and what kind of role could it get you?”

Neil:       “Participants usually hold roles such as HSEQ Advisors, WHS Consultants, WHS Managers or Return to Work Coordinators, or working towards them.”

HBA:      Was there an experience that you know about where a moment in the workplace changed someone’s life, for good or bad?”

Neil:       “A story that I read recently was one on the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website. They had a case study about a young man, Jason Garrels and a tragic, preventable incident that claimed his life. It highlights the importance of looking after inexperienced workers and remind us how important WHS is in a workplace.”

(Read Jason Garrels’ full story here – https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/forms-and-resources/films/jasons-story)

HBA:      “How does doing a course in WHS help limit these types of unsafe situations in the workplace?”

Neil:       “We help in developing the awareness and at the same time show participants how a systematic approach towards WHS should be introduced and managed at a workplace.”

HBA:      “What’s one tip you can give to stay safe in the workplace.”

Neil:       “Safety is more than a legal obligation, it’s a state of mind.”