Safety… it’s a win-win - interview with past hba learner jason white safety its a win win

Safety… It’s a Win-Win – Interview with Past HBA Learner Jason White

HBA has interviewed one of our past learners, Jason White, to further understand the structure and benefits of a Work Health and Safety qualification and the reason he up-skilled to the BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety.

HBA: “When you attended the WHS course, what was the level of your existing WHS knowledge?”

Jason: “To put it simply, zero. However, I knew right from wrong and had common sense on the right way to do a job and the wrong way to do the same job and I was designated by my manager to do some study in OHS/WHS.”

HBA: “What was the catalyst for you attending a Certificate IV WHS course in the first instance?”

Jason: “My existing knowledge was next to none, I just started a new job and they still had guys smoking indoors, in trucks, not wearing any standard level of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and their manual handling approach was scary. I raised concerns around these areas and voila, I was made the designated OHS officer back then and sent off to do my Cert IV in OHS.”

HBA: “Have you used the qualifications in your actual work?”

Jason: “Yes, without these qualifications and subsequent WHS qualifications, I wouldn’t have my WHS role today in Local Government.”

HBA: “What has been the most use to you from the Qualifications?”

Jason: “Knowledge. With this knowledge came hunger for more knowledge and these qualifications got me the role I wanted and without them, I wouldn’t have the role.”

HBA: “Have you seen or experienced unsafe work practice? If so can you describe it to us?”

Jason: “Absolutely, an operator of a plant valued at $170.000, filmed himself, using his own mobile phone and shared it amongst his friends, I saw a copy of it and acted on it. Informed his supervisor, group manager and had a meeting. In this meeting was the supervisor, myself, the worker involved and a union delegate, he took accountability, I have introduced framework around his role, built a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) audited his processes and we have a much safer operator today.”

HBA: “Why did you go on to do the diploma after the Cert IV?”

Jason: “I decided to then expand my study from Cert IV in OHS to a Diploma of OHS and further updated once harmonisation legislation was introduced to the Diploma of WHS. It expanded my broad base knowledge in workplace safety and allowed me to apply for a wider range of new job roles.”

HBA: “Was it difficult to apply what you learned in the workplace?”

Jason: “Initially, yes, but organically with exposure to the role, to the people, the incidents, current procedures and processes, the knowledge stands you in good stead and it comes to the front when required, it just does. It also gives a level of acknowledgement and respect from your fellow workers, you are seen as the professional in this area.”

HBA: “How has studying WHS helped you keep people safe in the workplace?”

Jason: “Without study, I wouldn’t be a Workplace Safety Officer and looking after 250 guys in the field. By gaining the knowledge in WHS, gaining the qualifications in WHS and believing in a workers right to arrive at work safe and go home the same way, it has provided the portal to work with people and in workplace safety, win/win.”

HBA: “Is there a single instance that sticks out where what you learned in the courses have kept you or another safe?”

Jason: “Everyday. Hierarchy of controls, Eliminate, Isolate, Engineering, Administrative and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) control measures are the foundation of workplace safety, from eliminating the risk to mitigating the risk as far as is practicable.“

HBA: “Has holding the WHS qualifications helped your career? If so, how?”

Jason: “It allowed me to change careers at 50, move into a local government role, working in workplace safety, on the South Coast, where I want to live and now because of my qualification, I live the dream and work in the same area, how good is that!”

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