Self-paced vs self-paced plus  - tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment selfpaced vs selfpaced plus

Self-Paced Vs Self-Paced PLUS  – TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Our days are filled with answering questions, assessing, facilitating and enrolling people; it gets pretty busy at HBA and we are often asked why we do it, the answer is simple, we like what we do.

One of the more common questions we receive is “Should I do it Self-Paced or take the Self-Paced PLUS course (5 days with your trainer)?” Now the question is interesting because everyone has different circumstances. At HBA we are privileged to deal with some of the biggest enterprises in corporate Australia and each has its own preferred method of delivery for its staff.

We see a lot of folk from mission critical industries such as the Fire Brigade, Police Force, Ambulance Brigade, Nursing etc and these people simply cannot take time off work to go to a course because lives could be at stake. Obviously, these people mostly take the self-paced delivery method and this works just fine as they have people at work to support them in their studies.

We see people who have worked in and around the Education marketplace for years and they have a basic idea of how it works, and these people will often take the self-paced pathway as they already possess underpinning knowledge.

Anyone who has not had experience within VET or been involved with an RTO or completed a high-level qualification in Education should really avoid the Self-Paced pathway because the context of the tasks will be alien to them. For example, there is a unit of competency that deals with language, Literacy and Numeracy; within this unit you have to understand how the ACSF works and how to assign levels to the performance criteria of a Unit of Competency as well as an individual person. This is fairly high-level learning and those with zero prior exposure to the subject will struggle, thus these people typically do the 5 day course at a minimum.

Now if you find yourself in a quandary as to which way to go, then take our short quiz, if the answers come easy to you then Self-Paced delivery could be the way for you to go.


  • What is the ACSF?
  • How many levels are there in the AQF?
  • What is the difference between a Learning Program and a Session Plan?
  • What are the main components of an Assessment tool?
  • What are the principles of Assessment?
  • How would we validate our Assessment strategies?
  • What is a work-based learning pathway?
  • What can be found in a Training Package?
  • What role do Learner Characteristics play in Assessment?
  • What is Reasonable Adjustment?

If the answers were not immediately flashed up in the front of your mind, then take the easy road and let an HBA Trainer help you on the way to completion. If you are not in a huge hurry then the 5 day Self-Paced PLUS course could be for you, if you need it as quickly as is possible then the 15 day Blended course is for you.

NOTE: regardless of the method of delivery you choose, you will still have work to do after the time with our trainer.

If you would like to chat about this, feel free to call 1300 721 503 and chat to our customer service people alternatively send an email to

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Self Paced: $1,050

Self Paced PLUS (5 day workshop): $1,450

Blended Delivery (15 day workshop): $3,000