Tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment briefly described tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment briefly described

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Briefly Described

  1. DESIGN: in this field you will learn to interpret Training Packages and how to convert the interpretation into courses with all the required trainer, assessor and learner resources. The federal Government determines what the learning outcomes of a particular qualification should be and it is up to an RTO to produce its own course to meet the requirements. You learn how to do this! The first thing you will do in this learning field is learn how to produce Learning Programs. These are a little complex but being led by an HBA Trainer will make the task much easier. Also in this learning field you will undertake a Unit which is all about Language Literacy and Numeracy, we will show you how to measure the requirements of any Unit of Competency and then how to measure the levels of an individual, you can then tell if there is a gap that requires additional training.
  2. DELIVERY: in the first instance we will introduce you to Work Based Learning Pathways and, as the days proceed you will learn how to design and implant these in an enterprise. To understand what these are think about Traineeships and Apprenticeships, someone has to design and implant these. Once this is done you are then introduced to the actual facilitation activities you are required to do, these include two consecutive presentations that go for a minimum of 40 minutes each and these must be done in front of at least 8 people in the audience. The most common question we get at HBA re these is “do I have to go and get these done at another RTO?” the answer is NO, you do them with HBA as part of your course or if you prefer, we do have several other assessment alternatives available to you.
  3. ASSESSMENT: this is the most difficult of the Learning Fields and the area where the National VET Regulator has made the most changes in updating the old qualification to TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. You will be introduced to the rules of evidence, principles of assessment, code of practice for assessors etc. We will show you how to design and develop actual assessment tools against Units of Competency; these need to be of a standard that would pass an audit by the regulator. In addition you will be taught how to create assessment plans and how to conduct assessment itself. Lastly our trainer will show you how to validate any assessment tool against a Unit of Competency.

For those that can get the time off work, the 15 day Blended Delivery is the way to go, you will complete much of the practical assessment activities during the course.

We do have 5 and 10 day courses available too, however you will not complete as much of the practical assessment activities during these days.

Remember HBA is here to support its learners, we have an online discussion forum, where you can ask questions relating to your course, which will be answered by one of HBA’s TAE qualified trainers and assessors.  You are also able to call and ask to speak with one of HBA’s TAE qualified trainers and assessors.

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