Tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment delivery models tae40116 delivery methods

TAE40116 Certificate IV In Training and Assessment Delivery Models

At HBA Learning Centres we have tried to create delivery models that cater for the various needs of a diverse group of Learners. With the advent of Covid19 we had to incorporate the delivery of training by Virtual Classroom. This addition to our delivery has created some confusion in the marketplace around the word Online.

We would like to clarify the names/methods we have provided to our various delivery models.


This model involves no facilitation from an HBA Learning Centres trainer to the Learner. The Learner is provided with the resources and access to the Discussion Forum and from this moment they are left to complete the course. Self-Paced Learners may call, email or post on the discussion forum for any assistance they require. Many learners choose this method for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • They are in mission critical roles and simply cannot take time off to attend a course
  • They are experienced in Vocational Education and Training

Once enrolled in this delivery model if a Learner wishes to upgrade to a face to face delivery there is an additional charge.

Self-Paced PLUS

This delivery model provides the same support as Self-Paced delivery plus it includes 5 days of Face to Face facilitation with an HBA Learning Centres Trainer where you are given underpinning knowledge and are introduced to the various tools, instruments and resources you will need to produce as part of the course.

Blended Delivery

This delivery model provides the same support as Self-Paced delivery plus it includes 15 days of face to face facilitation with an HBA Learning Centres Trainer. These 15 days are broken into 3 blocks of 5 days and can be completed in consecutive weeks or completely separated from each other.

In all delivery models you are given 18 months to complete.

The phrase Online delivery refers to any training that is conducted via the internet. At HBA Learning Centres we offer:

  • Face to Face classes- this is where you attend a course in person at our premises.
  • Virtual Classroom-this is where you have the same live trainer on your computer screen and you are based at home or work etc. In this mode of delivery the interaction with the trainer and other learners is the same as if you were sitting in the actual classroom.

At HBA Learning Centres Online delivery refers to the delivery of our facilitation live over the internet which we do via our Virtual Classroom platform.

If you seek further clarification on this please send an email to fabrizio@hba.edu.au