Tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment “done quickly” tae40116 done quickly

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment “Done Quickly”

As each day goes by we are fielding hundreds of calls and many have a similar theme, “I need TAE40116 and I need it quickly”. Our answer is always the same and that is, there is no QUICK delivery that is compliant.

We quoted an in-house gap training course a few weeks ago in Sydney and we needed 4 days to do what needed to be done in a Blended Delivery and we were told by the RTO involved “we have a quote from another provider and they can cover the whole requirement in 1 day, so we are going to go with them.” We have no issue with not winning the quote because frankly we are so flat out we are saying no to many in-house opportunities. However, what is interesting is this; I cannot imagine a way that could be compliant as we are talking about completing TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment tools, TAELLN411 Address adult language literacy and numeracy and some gap training in 2 other Assessment Units.

Everyone should be aware that the VET Regulators have the right to withdraw issued qualifications if the issuing RTO is found to be non-compliant. HBA is a compliant RTO but it takes a little longer to achieve Competence that way.

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