Tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment done the quickest way possible! | blended delivery done the quickest way possible

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment done the quickest way possible! | Blended Delivery

We are receiving many telephone calls saying “I need to do this course the quickest possible way, how can you help me?” Firstly, we reiterate that there is no “shortcut” course from HBA. We are and will always remain compliant.

When we first applied to put the qualification on our Scope of Registration we designed a Blended Delivery that consisted of 3 separate clusters. We separated each cluster by at least a month thinking “no one will want to attend 3 consecutive weeks” but we were wrong.

We have now decided to offer the courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane like this;

a. The practical elements of Design are delivered over 5 days in week 1
b. The practical elements of Delivery are delivered over 5 days in week 2
c. The practical elements of Assessment are delivered over 5 days in week 3.

This allows you the choice of either attending for consecutive weeks or splitting the course over separate months because each month we will offer this schedule.

In our Blended Delivery you are left with the theory based activities to complete post course and whilst the volume of work required ought not to be underestimated, it will allow you to substantially reduce the time it takes for you to complete.

Please note our quoted times are subject to Learner Characteristics.

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