The ease of the virtual classroom the ease of the virtual classroom

The Ease of the Virtual Classroom

As the Coronavirus creates more and more challenges for the VET sector we have been ‘forced’ to create and perfect our Virtual Classroom (online) delivery model.

It is sad to think we have to abandon the face to face model that gave us our predominate market position but the reality is that closure of state borders, social distancing and the ever tightening/changing legislation by states and the federal government re groups has caused us to take this position.

I know many people get a bit nervous when they start reading of Virtual Classroom and On Line delivery because they prefer the synergistic effect of having a trainer in front of them BUT, and this is the wonderful thing, with our online platform you do have the same trainer running the same course at the same scheduled time. You can ask questions, debate issues and seek all manner of assistance just as if the Trainer was in a training room with you. AND, here is the best thing, you do NOT need highly developed IT skills.

To assist people to trial the delivery model we are offering free of charge opportunities for anyone to join our weekly 30 minute Virtual Classroom tutorial where you can see, feel and hear how this will work for you. If you do want to join in then send email to and you will be registered.

In TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment the unit of competency TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning requires a Learner to assemble at least 8 people in a room as an audience whilst they do presentations (you must be in the same room as your audience). With the platform we have adopted you can make your arrangements then book online an appropriate time and day for you to do the presentations. Should an assessor not be available we will record your presentation and save them to your evidence file for assessment at a later date. We couldn’t make this any simpler/easier if we tried.

We look forward to signing a qualification with your name on it very soon.