Hba training the solomon islands police force (on behalf of the australian federal police) solomon islands training and assessment

HBA Training the Solomon Islands Police Force (on behalf of the Australian Federal Police)

HBA recently conducted an In-House TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course for 26 Officers from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (organised by the Australian Federal Police).  These individuals are experienced Trainers; they train the Police officers.

The aim of the project was to equip the 26 Officers with the required skills and knowledge to effectively implement best-practice training procedures in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. To do so, we contextualised the Learning Program to suit the learners’ characteristics, timeframe of the organisation, learning style, location and industry.

Solomon learners training and assessment

Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) Officers

How did we do it?

Through careful planning and consultation with the AFP L&D department we were able to design the course tailored to the organisation and learner needs.

Over the course of 3 weeks (the Face to Face element of the course), we delivered an extended Intensive Workshop that offered real-time support from two on-site trainers.  The Learning Program was extended from our usual 5 day Intensive Delivery model to an Extended 15 day Intensive Delivery model to cater for English being their second language.

With a larger group of 26, conducting the contextualised activities required extended periods of time outdoors for the Officers to effectively train and assess each other.

By facilitating this as a Face to Face workshop our Trainers were able to provide real-time support which accelerated the learning process.

Solomon training and assessment marching

RSIPF Officers Training and Assessing Marching Drills

The result?

The local newspaper quoted “Feedback from the participants and the Royal Solomon’s Islands Police Force Academy staff involved reflected that the programme was regarded as highly successful and had exceeded the aims of the programme.”

Furthermore, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Acting Commissioner Juanita Matanga said “This has been a very successful and very important programme… To the HBA Learning Centres Trainers, Julian and Nicole, I thank you for delivering such a successful programme.”

HBA Learning Centres would like to say a big thank you to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Australian Federal Police for choosing HBA to deliver the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Solomon training and assessment graduation

RSIPF Officers at Graduation with HBA Staff


To read the entire newspaper report, click the image below.


Extract from local Solomon Islands newspaper (click to enlarge)

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