Update on our face-to-face workshops (in case of enforced business shutdown) update on our face to face workshops

Update on our face-to-face workshops (in case of enforced business shutdown)

As you are aware, COVID19 continues to spread throughout Australia and the world. To combat this HBA has set out a contingency plan in the event of an enforced business shut down. You can read HBA’s contingency plan HERE.

HBA’s self-paced learning programs will continue as normal. However, we are currently receiving queries regarding the status of our scheduled face-to-face workshops. Currently, there is no directive to shut down businesses, however, if the situation escalates and businesses are forced to close for a designated period, HBA is well prepared.

Within our contingency plan we stated, “To deliver face-to-face training, HBA will use various platforms such as; GoToMeeting and recorded presentations.”. What this means is;

HBA will continue to take enrolments as normal for the face-to-face delivery courses. In the event of an enforced business shut down our face-to-face workshops will continue as a virtual classroom environment.

The virtual classroom will mimic our face-to-face workshops. Instructions to access these platforms will be provided when required. Learners will be able to login to the virtual classroom and connect to the Trainer and other learners. This will in effect simulate the face-to-face workshop setting. Session times will stay the same, however, trainers will provide more details regarding activities during these sessions.

HBA will continue to keep you informed of any directives which are passed on to us from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, or any other relevant authority.

Stay safe & well,

HBA Team.