What constitutes validity? What constitues validity

What Constitutes Validity?

If we consider where evidence falls down in this category, there is that which is blatantly wrong e.g. we seek evidence that you can build a house and you give is a statement from your next door neighbour telling us what a great child you were as a teenager. Clearly that is not valid because it does not relate to that which we are trying to prove.

Where Validity becomes a little hazy is when we are assessing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) claims and we do many of these each and every day.

If you were applying for RPL against TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment we might ask for evidence of you conducting an assessment. You may in turn send us a blank assessment tool that meets all of the evidentiary requirements (instructions for the Learners, instructions for the Assessor, instruments for collecting data etc.) and superficially that would appear to meet the element however what you have sent is not Valid because it is not proving you have conducted the assessment, the tool only serves to prove it exists in its own right. To meet the requirement we would want to see a completely detailed tool with Learners name, date, location, a description of the assessment, elements detailed etc. and an assessment decision signed by you and agreed or contested by the Learner.

This amount of detail may seem overzealous to the uninformed but it is a requirement imposed by the Rules of Evidence and all assessments must comply with these.

In our next Blog we will consider the Rule of Evidence entitled Authenticity. Until then stay safe in this trouble world