What is an on-line course? What is an on line course

What is an On-Line course?

There is a classification of facilitation called Distance Learning and under this heading there are a number of delivery models including:

  • On-Line Learning, this exists when learning occurs via the internet thus our Virtual Classroom fits this classification. You have a live trainer on your screen providing the same learning pathway you would have if you were attending a face to face course.
  • Self-Paced learning occurs off-line. You will be provided with training and assessment resources  and you learn without the assistance of a facilitator. Support is provided to Self-Paced Learners via various methods, including email, discussion forum, and telephone calls with a qualification specific Trainer.

If you add these modes of delivery to HBA’s industry leading face to face delivery you will see we have a delivery model to suit nearly all requirements of the market place.