What is left for me to do when i have finished with your trainer? - tae what is left for me to do when i have finished with your trainer

What is left for me to do when I have finished with your trainer? – TAE

This and “how long will it take me to complete the qualification?” are the 2 most frequent questions we get asked, every single day, so in the interest of clarity we respond as follows

TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment

The 5 day course will provide you with the underpinning knowledge and you will get a start on a couple of things (including the LLN requirements) plus you will do one 30 minute presentation. At the end of the 5 days you will have the majority of the practical activities plus all of the knowledge questions to complete. There are 5 workbooks in total and these will take the average person anywhere from 400 to 600 hours to complete, typically we are signing qualifications in this delivery model between 5 and 6 months after someone enrols.

The 15 day course provides underpinning knowledge and generally speaking allows you to complete most of the practical activities of the course, you will be left with the knowledge questions to answer and these take circa 60 to 100 hours to complete for the average Learner. We typically are signing qualifications between 3 and 4 months from enrolment in this delivery model.

NOTE:  We do highlight that some folk finish quicker and some take longer than the stated times above, no one can accurately predict how long you will take to complete. In case you get side-tracked by life, work, kids or your wonderful other half we do allow you 18 months to complete, this doesn’t mean you will take 18 months it is simply how long your course will remain open for.