What is the most difficult part of bsb51319 diploma of work health and safety? What is the hardest part of bsb51319

What is the most difficult part of BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety?

Given the complexity of this qualification there are several units that could be defined as “trying” for most Learners. Different people do find different Units challenging but there does seem to be a consensus that BSBWHS516 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining an organisations WHS management system is definitely challenging for most.

Let us look at why this is challenging. All organisations are required to have a WHS management system; this where all WHS matters are entered, tracked, resolved and managed. In days gone by some businesses had a card system, with the progression of time others utilised spread sheets and today we see the emergence of many enterprise systems each with their own commercial targets ie small manufacturers or medium consulting practices or large warehousing and distribution business etc.

The first element of this Unit teaches how to access the various information one needs to determine the form the WHSMS should take in addition it identifies the duty holders, their roles and responsibilities according to the WHS laws of the jurisdiction. There is the need for considerable consultation in this activity.

The second element involves the development of a suitable WHSMS implementation draft plan and this is a complex activity requiring interaction with personal, recording of decisions and a review of company policies and procedures. Once this is complete a final plan is documented and distributed.

The third element requires consultation on the implementation whilst agreement on timing and the required resources is achieved. At this point you determine the likely barriers your implementation will face from the organisations policies and procedures.

The fourth element is where you will become involved in measuring and evaluating the WHSMS performance and this has you involved in communicating the requirements for measuring and evaluating WHSMS performance to certain personnel. There is the need to evaluate the outcomes and analyse and document same.

The last element is where you undertake a complete and detailed review of the WHSMS, where and how do you gather the information, how to you garner support for participation. You will learn the process of making adjustments and seeking the approval of those with a vested interest.

So all in all, this is a pretty involved Unit of Competency; fortunately the HBA Trainers are well versed in the process and are able to make the complex seem a little bit simpler than it seems.

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