What will the tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment teach me? - overview what will the tae40116

What will the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment teach me? – Overview

This is the first in a series of articles where we identify exactly what this qualification is all about.

The first thing to understand is that the qualification is about facilitating and assessing against nationally recognised qualifications and units of competency as found on www.training.gov.au, the national register of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications.

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is split into 3 main and distinctly different learning fields. These are:




As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are obliged to follow the Training Package rules and these state the qualification consists of 10 units of competency, 9 of which are core units and 1 is an elective. Many RTO’s do what we have done and that is choose an elective that neatly clusters into the Delivery learning field.

The second thing to come to grips with is that this qualification is one of the legislated requirements for those that are facilitating or assessing Nationally Recognised Qualifications within VET. It is the entry level qualification.

Lastly, we draw your attention to the fact this is a complex and sophisticated qualification and there are no “quick courses” that remain compliant as all RTO’s have to comply with something called Volume of Learning (www.aqf.edu.au).

Over 10 blogs we will break down the qualification Unit by Unit and, in simple English, we will let you know what the unit is about and what you will learn and be expected to do to be found Competent in each.

If you wish to learn about this course quickly we suggest you register to attend one of our free of charge TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment overview days. They are held in most capital cities every 2 months and you will find them in our schedule on our website www.hba.edu.au .