When will my completed training with hba appear in my unique student identifier (usi) account? When will my completed training with hba appear in my unique student indentifier usi account

When will my completed training with HBA appear in my Unique Student Identifier (USI) account?

USI account holders can use their USI to access their national training record online in the form of a USI Transcript. The transcript should include details of all non-exempt nationally recognised training completed since 1 January 2015 and available as part of the national Vocational Education Training (VET) collection.

USI Transcripts are drawn from data submitted to the national VET collections held by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), and only include courses listed on training.gov.au.

Training activity data is reported by HBA annually to the NCVER by the end of February. You may need to rely on the qualifications or documentation from your training organisation in the most recent quarter/year.

If your training was completed prior to 1 January 2015, it will not appear in your USI Transcript. If you have lost your qualifications or documentation for training completed prior to 2015, you will need to contact the training organisation who delivered the training and request they reissue the Qualification or Statement of Attainment. HBA provides this to their learners for a small administrative fee.

USI Transcripts have many uses but it is important to note that it does not replace the qualifications or documentation issued by training organisations. It can be a useful backup if the original documentation is lost or where duplicate documentation cannot be obtained from the training organisation, for example, because it is no longer operating.

USI Transcripts have the same status as qualifications issued by training organisations for credit transfer purposes or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

The information within this blog, has been sourced from the USI Office website. For more information regarding your USI, please refer to the USI Office website https://www.usi.gov.au/students or contact them on 1300 857 536, within Australia