Who would want to be a trainer? Who would want to be a trainer

Who would want to be a Trainer?

I have often said if you want to be rich you should trade in shares or sell high end IT solutions or even trade in Crypto currency because nobody becomes a trainer or assessor to be rich and famous. This then poses the question, why would any person want this and what is life like in the role?

Let’s look at a typical HBA Learning Centres Trainer and Assessor. Their job starts at 0830 each day and that seems like it is a relaxed sort of time given there are many positions where the start times are in the dark of the night. The thing to consider is you could be in any city or town of Australia and some of those places do not have a 5 or 4 or even a 3 star hotel in them.

You see Trainers must travel constantly in HBA. We have one poor fellow (let’s call him Tim) who in the past 2 months has been to China, Singapore, France and Sri Lanka running courses for all manner of enterprises. We have another poor person (lets call him Neil) who we forget what he looks like as he is hardly ever in the office, spending his life on planes and in hotels rooms around the country.

Apart from running endless courses week after week, often this is the best part of the job; let’s look at what else they have to do:

  • Answer the never ending telephone calls from learners that all start off with “I just need some help with….”. These can come at any time of day or night.
  • Assess the thousands of learners in a timely and efficient manner – this is always done after hours, often in the loneliness of a hotel room in a city you do not live in.
  • Answer questions posed on our discussion forums (there is one for each qualification).
  • Detail the enormous administration that goes with assessing and running courses, this is a matter of compliance.
  • Ensure everything they do and say is compliant or suffer the wrath of our Compliance manager (let’s call her Carolyn).

So, let go back to the questions we posed at the beginning. Who would want to be a trainer?

You see we all do the training and the assessing because down deep inside we want to help people. We have this innate desire to help others learn what we have learned and further, we want those people to be better than we are. We all whinge and complain and sometimes swap stories of our funnier experiences but after all is said and done, we love our jobs.

Not one of us at HBA goes to work, we all work on our hobby and that is helping you.