Why is it hard to get recognition of prior learning (rpl) for tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment? Why is it hard to get recognition of prior learning rpl for tae40116 certificate iv in training and assessment

Why is it hard to get Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

This question arises quite often although it is mostly in an indirect manner. We receive hundreds of enquiries stating “I would like to RPL the TAE​ qualification”. Dutifully and in the spirit of positive customer service we do send these people our TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL kit. However, as we do this, we know the vast majority are not going to be able to provide evidence that meets the Rules of Evidence.

The reason most claims fail is because this qualification is about using VET Units of Competency to design, deliver and assess for competence and most folk have been working with some form of enterprise training that is not predicated on actual VET Units.

The Design learning field is about pulling Units apart and, using both industry knowledge and the Training Package rules, learning how to design a course and the relevant resources, tools and instruments needed to “run” that course in a compliant manner.

As we then move into the Delivery learning field you are taught how to produce Session Plans, delivery resources and to plan, organise and deliver to a set standard to a minimum of 8 people.

The last formal learning field is where you learn what the principles of assessment are and how you implement those in assessment tools and instruments. Another major element of this, the most difficult learning field for most Learners, is the design and development of actual Assessment Tools and these are obviously designed against actual current Units of Competency to a standard that they could pass an Audit by any of the V​ocational E​ducation and T​raining (VET) Regulators.

So when we consider an RPL claim against this qualification we are forced to map the evidence provided against actual VET Units of Competency and this is where the issues arise for most folk.

Please remember, a R​egistered T​raining O​rganisation (RTO) such as HBA Learning Centres can only provide RPL in line with the flexibility and guidelines the Australian Government allows. To do anything different is to be non-compliant and if this occurs a qualification can be withdrawn by the VET Regulators.