Why would you want to become an auditor? Why would you want to become an auditor

Why Would You Want to Become an Auditor?

Recently, we were having a chat in the office about why anyone would want to become an auditor and we concluded the reasons fall into several broad categories:

  • It is a position that seems to be in constant demand – There are many roles for Auditors advertised and they cover a multitude of industry segments.
  • It is a position that pays well – Some of the advertisements carry salaries well and truly into six figure territory.
  • It suits the mind of a detailed and analytical person who likes creating mind maps against standards.
  • It acts as a role that assures quality exists in industry and many people are driven by quality.
  • It is a progression for someone who possesses specialist industry expertise and knowledge – It allows the practitioner to direct an industry segment into worlds best practice.

The backgrounds of those that take on Auditor roles are varied but they all have one thing in common and that is an eye for detail which is driven by quality.

How do you become an auditor? That’s simple, complete the BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing with HBA and a whole new world of opportunities may just open up for you.